Friday, October 29, 2010


Started on a 270 unit buckyball made out of Tom Hull's PHiZZ units a few days ago.  Slow going, but i made steady progress.

The start of a long journey...

I had a bunch of blue piece of kami paper left over from a crane project I was doing for school.  Decided to use it for a good time-sink project.

Started with a pentagon, then did a few hexagons.


That was my basic pattern where the 'P' is a pentagon (white PHiZZ units) and the 'H' is a hexagon (blue PHiZZ units).  Using that pattern there were two hexagons between each and every pentagon.  I then just began to repeat that pattern over and over again.

There is the first completed section using the P and H layout above.  You can count the hexagons and pentagons.  Pretty neat, hmmm?

Top section is completed.  From here I am going to flip it over and build up from there.  It's a nice dome now, but not much of a sphere.

It's definitely beginning to take a ball shape now.  Mostly complete, just about a quarter of the units left that need to be folded and added on to it.

Yay, the completed ball.  Took about two days to fold and assemble.  It's a new show piece for my collection. ^_^

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